Alans at Rebel Rebel Barber

Who you are and what you’ve done?

Hi, I’m Alan and I’m a Master Barber.

I am one of the Co Founders of Rebel Rebel and the B.O.M.B squad (Barbers Of Modern Britain). The B.O.M.B is an educating and showcasing artistic team that performs on the international stage to inspire the new generations of young barbering talent. I’ve done stage work in the last 4 years at all the UK Barbering and Hairdressing events of the year. I’ve worked for FUDGE backstage with some of the worlds best designers at London Fashion Week and backstage at UK festivals like T in the park, V festival and with KEVIN MURPHY backstage at Creamfields. I’ve been training barbers for over 20 years, set up & ran barbering courses and founded the Rebel Academy to produce the current and future barbering Rebels. I was involved with training West of Scotland College barber apprentices to work at the Athletes Village Salon at 2014 Commonwealth Games and worked there myself helping to take care of the Athletes Grooming needs.


Style or type of training
I started off in hairdressing apprenticeship achieving my City & Guilds lv2. At the age of 19 I moved to Glasgow and got my 1st job in a barber shop where I basically learned my clipper skills on the job.You've got to remember in those days the standard of barbers was really poor and there was no education in place for anyone taking up the craft so watching and learning from others was a limited affair therefore I had to develop my own techniques and skills which seem to have come in handy.
Describe your cutting style
First goes my mantra : ‘Welcome and relax with a Clarifying consultation.’
Execute with precision paying attention to detail and Finish with style and chuck a wee bit banter in for good measure!
What’s your favourite professional tool and why?
Fejic rake comb. Its a great all round barbering comb.
Best tip you can give someone in looking after their hair?
Come to Rebel Rebel and bring pictures of styles you would like to achieve. I’ve always found the vocal communication of style choices between barbers and clients can be a grey area at times as the terminology of describing a particular haircut can differ from barber to barber and client to client.
Barbers can’t read minds but we can read a picture.