Winter Grooming Done Right

Winter skin care is as important as haircare. There. We said it. With some regular cuts with your barber and the right caring products, you can be set for the Winter, but skin is a different beast altogether. So how do you stop the bodies largest organ from becoming, cracking, dry and sore when the temperature plummets. A little bit of TLC and some good grooming habits into practice are the foundation of any good skincare routine. We make sure that your skin is looked after this Winter.
Lotion should be part of any gents arsenal this  season. There is let moisture about so we tend to find our skin gets a bit itchy, sore and red, a list of things  we all want to avoid.  A good moisturiser will put that to rest.

Try some Clarins moisture balm if you want something gentle for your skin. A wee lip balm should find its way into your back pocket as there are few things worse than sore torn lips.  A wee trip to your local boots will see you pick up a wee Lab Series for under £10. Great for all you runners out there who need that extra bit of protection.

It's not just about slapping on the moisturiser though. You've got to put in the ground work. A solid exfoliator will keep the dry damaged skin off your face. Lush do some great scrubs that are also cruelty free if looking for something that will keep your skin fresh while being planet friendly.


Of course, all this can be helped with a wee beard oil. Keep your skin soft and smelling good.  We've some right crackers in, and it's really a personal preference. From bright citruses to something a bit smokier, we've got the perfect blend to keep your whiskers in check.

If you still want to keep your grooming in check, make an appointment with your wee rebel today for a hot shave and the best grooming goods money can buy.


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