The Brand

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Australian haircare brand Kevin Murphy (I hadn’t heard of them until a couple of weeks ago), here’s the lowdown.

Top hairdresser Kevin Murphy developed the product line to fulfil his own needs as a stylist. Working on fashion shows and shoots with models going through multiple hair and makeup changes Kevin found as the day progressed the models hair became heavy, dull and lifeless, this prompted his quest to create a range of hair care products that were lightweight, easy to use,  and that could be used by anyone.

All Kevin Murphy products are sulphate, paraben and cruelty free and are marketed as ‘skin care for your hair’, as an animal loving, beauty product junkie, this is something that most definitely floated my boat.

Kevin Murphy products can only be purchased from partner salons, so don’t go looking for them in Boots or Sally’s. I opted to pop into Glasgow barber Rebel Rebel's Finnieston shop to check out the full range of products and find out what which ones would transform my mane.


The Kevin Murphy range is HUGE, which for a gal who’s hair routine consisted of washing her hair with whatever shampoo was kicking about, then blasting it with a hair dryer before running straighteners over it, was a bit daunting. Shop manager and Master Barber Gemma came to my rescue and sat me down to have a look at my mop and discuss my current haircare regime, or lack of it.

On a good day I would describe my hair as straight and shiny, on a bad day greasy and limp, I never used conditioner, heat protector or finishing products on my hair because I thought it would increase the grease. Gemma informed me that my stripped back approach to hair care was probably the very thing that made my hair look like it had been dooked in a chip pan the day after it had been washed.

All the guys in Rebel Rebel have participated in intensive Kevin Murphy training so know the products inside out. Gemma explained the ethos behind the brand and recommended 5 products she promised would change my life.  If you decide you want to get onboard the Kevin Murphy train take the extra 10 mins for a barber / stylist to have a look at your hair and recommend the best products for you, they fall into the luxury end of the scale so you want to make sure you get your money’s worth!

In for a penny in for a pound

I am a sucker for a beauty gimmick, nice packaging, promises of miracles and things that smell nice so there was no way I was leaving the shop with just 1 bottle of shampoo, fully committed to revolutionising my hair care regime I purchased all 5 products that Gemma recommended, and left the shop with that weird high that only comes from splurging on high end beauty products.


A gloriously refreshing shampoo that gives your hair and scalp a detox. Gemma recommended I use this alongside the HYDRATE-ME.WASH for the couple of washes, then use it once a week to ensure my hair was build up free.


Packed full of natural ingredients like shea butter, bergamot and evening primrose oil, that are designed to smooth the hair. It not only makes your hair feel like spun silk it smells like an expensive spa treatment.


Designed to work in synergy with the HYDRATE-ME.WASH, I worried that it would be too heavy for my hair but Gemma reassured me that even if i didn’t rinse it all out the weightness technology would ensure my hair did not look mingin.


A leave in oil treatment, that is infused with magical things that grow in exotic lands. I have to say, I thought Gemma had lost the plot when she recommend this but she assured me that this was going to change my life!


Smooths the hair and eliminates frizz whilst protecting it from the heat of styling, it is also packed full of vitamins to nourish your tresses.

Game changers

I was pretty psyched about trying my new purchases,  I laid them out in the order I had to use them and warned my boyfriend off using my ‘good’ shampoo.

I kicked things off with the MAXI.WASH being careful to follow the instructions of leaving it on my hair for a minute or so before rinsing it out, I half expected my hair to feel stripped after rinsing but it felt and smelled lovely.

Next up was HYDRATE-ME.WASH and HYDRATE-ME.RINSE the dynamic duo that promised hair like silk, I have to say I wasn’t disappointed, the products felt and smelled luxurious and as soon as I started to rinse out the HYDRATE-ME.WASH my hair felt instantly smoother, after the HYDRATE-ME.RINSE I wanted to start phoning my friends to tell them how amazing these products were.

Before towel drying my hair I applied a couple of drops of YOUNG.AGAIN, the tiny amount I applied spread easily through my hair. Even though it’s an oil it strangely didn’t feel oily, which I am putting down to the wondrous weightless technology!

I towel dried my hair then applied one pump of SMOOTH.AGAIN, by this point I am slightly concerned that I have layered multiple products on my hair along with a conditioner. My hair is pretty thick and can take an age to to dry, my preferred method is drying it upside down with the hairdryer on full blast on the hottest setting, it normally results in my hair looking mental and it needing to be smoothed down with straighteners on the hottest setting. This time my hair dried super quickly and required no straightening, I blasted it dry it then smoothed it out with the hair dryer and brush, and it sat perfectly,  not a hair out of place and the shine was insane. I can very rarely wear my hair down for two days in a row, if I did there would need to be a fair bit of dry shampoo involved, NOT ANYMORE! I woke up the next morning with my hair still pristine, not a kink in it, all I had to do was run a brush through it and I was good to go. Day 3 I could probably have gotten another day out of wearing it down with some dry shampoo  but I didn’t want to pollute my hair with a £2.00 can of talc so I stuck it up in a swooshy sleek high ponytail which looked ace because my hair was still poker straight.

I have been using the Kevin Murphy products now for 2 weeks and can say with confidence that they live up to the hype, every time I use them it feels like a mini pampering session due to their amazing smell, I don’t need to wash my hair as often and I have never used products that make my hair sit so well. I may be borderline obsessed.


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