Best of 2015 Rebel Cuts

As everyone heads back to work ater the holidays, it’s hard to inspire any vigour. The New Year slump has that effect, either there’s a need to change everything or a general apathy. For that, we like to take stock of the year, think of the super inspiring cuts our team made and use that as inspiration going forward. We’ve had texture, waves, undercuts and superb colours. Read More


Guy's Grooming Habits

We all have our own habits when it comes to grooming. Some men do bugger all while others like to take care of themselves. It seems like more of you are falling into the second category as a recent Men’s Health US survey found that 68% of the 4000 odd guys asked, trimmed their armpit hair. No one thinks twice about the gals shaving their armpits so is manscaping becoming the accepted norm? We’ve looked into a few grooming options out there for the guys. Read More


Rebel Cuts

Colour is just as important as cut here at Rebel Rebel. While we love having fun adding texture, cutting in shapes and adding height, we love nothing more than experimentation. From choppy honey tones to ashy silvers, we love that our Wee Rebels are always up for something a bit different. This week we bring some of the very best from Gemma Willock-Smith. The grey trend is growing strong, and looked bloody amazing on a short pixie. Dying to get this on one of our guys. Read More


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