matthew at Rebel Rebel Barber

Who you are and what you’ve done?

Matthew O'Rourke, 26. Been in the industry now 6 years going on 7. In the process of learning ladies hair/colour etc.


Describe your cutting style
My cutting style is simple really, i like to try and talk the client through what i'm doing so he has an understanding. I like to give them something that they can go home with and do themselves the next day.
What’s would you say is your speciality (cuts and/or colours)?
My speciality for me is a soft fade/quiff kind of style. I like working with long hair and hot towel shaves too
What type of client should come to you and why?
I would like to think any type of client could come to me and hope that i can give them the right type of advice and style they are looking to find.
If you could feature in a magazine what would it be?
GQ would be a great Magazine to be featured in. Again i like designing and branding, so i would like to make my own magazine for the barbering industry.
What inspires your creativity?
I was lucky to be under the wing of my boss Alan this year and got to go to some shows all over the UK. Thats always pushed me to try something new and creative.
Sum up your personality in the length of a tweet….?
I'd like to think i'm funny. But i laugh at my own jokes far to much...