Sammy at Rebel Rebel Barber

Who you are and what you’ve done?

I'm Sammy, I joined RebelRebel at the age of 17 and have worked my way up over the last 3 years (yes I'm one of the young team). In 2015 I won the title of "Apprentice of the Year" at Barber Connect UK for a portfolio of work. 


Style or type of training
Rebel training academy
What’s would you say is your speciality (cuts and/or colours)?
What are your interests, and/or passions.
Hair, fashion, socialising
What type of client should come to you and why?
Some one willing to try new things
Why did you want to become a Hairdresser or Barber?
Was really just trying out different things and fell in love with it
Who’s your ultimate hair icon?
Kevin Luchman, he is always on the ball when it comes to men's hair
Whats the best thing about working in Glasgow and Rebel Rebel
The best thing about working in Glasgow and rebel is the people I work with and the people I meet everyday
What type of styling hair product is indispensable?
Hair resort
What error do people often make when it comes to their hair?
Not blowdrying it
Sum up your personality in the length of a tweet….?
Focused, ambitious