Wojtek at Rebel Rebel Barber

Who you are and what you’ve done?

My Name is Wojtek. I'm 32 and from Poland. I've got two kids. I attempted my first haircut when I was 14. I then moved to UK 11 years ago.


How many years hairdressing as a Barber/Stylist?
9 years of experience
Describe your cutting style
I like short classic haircuts. I'm quite good with Afro hair as well
What’s would you say is your speciality (cuts and/or colours)?
Skin fade, all short haircuts. Don't like to cut long hair.
What type of client should come to you and why?
Everybody looking for consistent quality service.
Whats the best thing about working in Glasgow and Rebel Rebel
Glasgow­ friendly people, diverse, great restaurants/nights out, Rebel­ nice atmosphere, getting inspired by my colleagues, busy environment
Sum up your personality in the length of a tweet….?
Easygoing, reliable, creative, hardworking, friendly
Best tip you can give someone in looking after their hair?
Avoid over washing especially guys with dry and coarse hair because it makes them even dryer.